Bionol, thanks to its hyper- concentrated and powerful composition, offers proven effectiveness and glowing cleanness while respecting and taking care of everything it cleanses. It eliminates any harsh dirt from clothes, kitchens, home surfaces, cars and even from your hands.

The high quality and efficiency of BIONOL cream can clean everything with the minimum dosage possible.

BIONOL cream is ideal for both every household and professional use:

  • It provides sparkling shine and removes even the toughest stains from the utensils and kitchenware
  • It can be used for professional, tough cleaning jobs that are related to professional kitchenware, gas stations, colour shops, car workshops, cleaning services shops
  • It removes stains from every surface in the house, such as kitchens, washbasins, tiles and balconies
  • It can be used in handwashing or even fabric pre- treatment, without damaging the fabric fibers

Available in 2 sizes: 250gr- 1000gr

List of ingredients