Purlan liquid detergents are exclusively made to take care of your special garments. Thanks to their unique formula, they guarantee to offer to your dark and fine fabric clothes that extra care they need, while, at the same time, they do not cause any fiber damage or color fading. They guarantee to keep your clothes looking like new, for longer and revived for a cleaner and brighter look!


Available in 2 variants:

  • Delicat

Purlan Delicat is a fine fabric detergent, specially formulated to clean gently without fading, shrinking or stretching all your delicate garments, being silk, wool or cashmere, cotton, satin or polyester.

List of ingredients

  • Black

The new Purlan Black cleans, cares, revives and restores your favorite dark and black clothes. Its specially designed formula with ReviveZyme* provides deep cleaning and with care fuzz and pills from your clothes that are responsible for faded dark colors.

*ReviveZymetm is a unique blend of endo- Cellulase Enzymes plus PVP for unfaded dark without color redeposition.

Both variants available in 1500ml

List of ingredients