Our Company

BEIT SA is a detergent company established in 1992. In 2000 the company invested over 2 million euro in building an administrative and warehouse center in Sofia (Kazichene), which in 2006 is also used as dispatch station for company export activities in neighboring countries.

In 2007 BEIT started the implementation of a 2.5 million euro investment plan for the construction of a modern logistic center and warehouse area of over 5 000 sq.m. in Sofia (Kazichene). The company’s activities are expanded due to some successful collaboration with foreign partners and BEIT is developing a project for selling services.

Our strength …your loyalty!

We began our business journey in 1992, empowered by a clear vision calling us to offer every family the daily quality of life it deserves.

We succeeded answering to this calling due to your faith and trust in us and to our enduring guiding principles, which we hold so dear as shining beacons on our path to success. Principles, such as, responsibility, human face, innovation, dynamic evolutionary development, social contribution, competitiveness, and utilization of the best possible technologies available, have become lasting aspects of our corporate culture.

Today Beit, the major Bulgarian enterprise, continues its journey with the same momentum and commitment.

Always friendly, always loyal, always pioneering, is building consumers trust and loyalty from generation to generation with products that have been winning the hearts and minds of the Bulgarian homemakers ever since they began using them.


For you.

For your home care … which is our care

Since our initial beginnings, and to this day, after having gone through a long period of development, we still remain a dynamic and evolving company. We draw our strength from the commitment and contribution of our people and from our guiding vision that is calling us to supply our customers with first-rate products designed to enhance every family’s daily quality of life.

The goals that drive us and to which we are committed and serve as guiding principles and enterprise are listed below:

  • Responsibility
  • Human Face
  • Innovation
  • Dynamic Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Utilization of the best Possible Technology

We are committed to always working hard with a clear sense of mission, integrity and assurance, respecting our fellow man and all social others. We follow these values in all our daily corporate activities when we do whatever is humanly possible to fulfill our mission and the goals we have set for ourselves and for our company.

We are very proud that we have been steadily gaining the allegiance of the Bulgarian consumers, that we are able to develop a stable long-term working relationship with our customers based on mutual respect; that we are continuing our business journey with same enthusiasm, determination and commitment to the dream we begun with, and that we have been offering products of superior quality, destined to steadily winning and building consumers loyalty from generation to generation.

For no one knows best the needs of the Bulgarian family than we do.