Our Company

We began our business journey in 1992, empowered by a clear vision calling us to offer every family the daily quality of life it deserves.

We succeeded answering to this calling due to your faith and trust in us and to our enduring guiding principles, which we hold so dear as shining beacons on our path to success. Principles, such as, responsibility, human face, innovation, dynamic evolutionary development, social contribution, competitiveness, and utilization of the best possible technologies available, have become lasting aspects of our corporate culture.

Today Beit, the major Bulgarian enterprise, continues its journey with the same momentum and commitment.

Always friendly, always loyal, always pioneering, is building consumers trust and loyalty from generation to generation with products that have been winning the hearts and minds of the Bulgarian homemakers ever since they began using them.

For you.

For your home care … which is our care

Our Mission

We aim to attain higher standards of performance focusing relentlessly at the production of leading products.

We are researching and detecting the consumer’s needs and create products, which firmly express the fair relationship between price and quality.

We contribute always in the perpetual ideal to improve the quality of life for the Bulgarian family.